Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hobby Lobby buycott

Just got back from Hobby Lobby even though I hadn't intended to go back for awhile since I was there only a week ago. One of my online friends mentioned that there was a Freedom of Conscience buycott organized for today though and I certainly want to express my thanks for Hobby Lobby standing up for *all* business owner's right to follow their consciences.

I spoke to the manager and a couple of employees (all female) at our local store to express my support and thanks and they said they supported the company completely in the decision to fight. As a bonus, I got a couple of drawing books for the Kidlets and a pretty sketchbook for myself. I also found out about a doodling technique called "zentangle" that I'm looking forward to trying in that sketchbook.

Once again, as a person who wants to eventually own a business and employ people,  I want to express my thanks to Hobby Lobby and their staff for choosing to be the "test case" on behalf of business owners who simply don't have the money to fight the weight of federal government.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Since I...

Showed my "not favorite" spindles recently I thought it only right to show my favorite

which is the green textured top whorl (the other is my first spindle that my dad made when I was about twelve). I purchased it at a yarn shop in a small town near State College, PA. A friend of the owner is a ceramic artist and made these beautifully designed and glazed whorls for her. It was originally a bottom whorl but the top of the shaft cracked meaning the hook had to be placed on the other side. Fortunately, the squirrel and vine pattern was on both sides so there was no harm done.

The reason I like it is that it's very heavy. This means that it spins a *very* long time unlike the tiny one that I showed in an earlier post. It is actually heavier than the much larger wooden one next to it which I usually use resting on the floor since it's so long. All in all, I still prefer my wheel but for overall beauty, ease of spin, and portability this one is by far my favorite.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hey, I've been busy

Which is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days. I've even been busy doing Knit'n Kitten stuff, not just staring at the internet or having a Detective Conan YouTube marathon with the kids (although we did do that).

I finally have all my finished skeins attached to the cords I intend to hang them up on and just need to bring in the ladder and get them up. This frees up both a large surface space that they covered and the cord they were originally tied to so I can use it to wash and hang the last two years worth of spinning (two full bags). Fortunately the previous home owner put a couple of hooks up to hang planters on the covered patio and I figure that if the could hold wet soil they should be able to hold several pounds of yarn at a time pretty easily.

I've also been carding dyed fiber given to me by Tara Carr of Ewe-Topia Fiber Farms  as well as a variety of wools, alpaca, and nylon that Eldest Kidlet and I have been dyeing using Kool-aid and *real* Jaquard dye.


are the photos we have so far.