Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Place to save this info

I can't seem to find this computer's Notepad function at the moment so I guess I will put this information here for future use.

weight # on label - WPI - yds/oz - recommended needle size
______________ ____ ______ ______________________
1&2 Lace - 18+ - 51 - 0-3

3 Light/Super Fine - 14-17 - 34 - 2-4

4 Worsted/Medium - 10-13 - 27 - 5-10

5 Bulky - 7-9 - 16-19 - 11 & up

6 Super Bulky - 6 & Less - 12 - 11 & up

Another version:

1 super fine, sock, fingering, baby, 3-ply = 400-500 metres per 100g / 437-546 yard per 3.5 oz. (14+WPI)
2 fine, sport, sock, 4-ply = 300-400 metres per 100g / 328-437 yard per 3.5 oz. (12WPI)
3 light, worsted, DK, 8-ply = 200-300 metres per 100g / 218-328 yard per 3.5 oz. (11WPI)
4 medium, worsted, afghan, aran = 140-240 metres per 100g / 153-262 yard per 3.5 oz. (8-10WPI)
5 bulky, craft, rug, chunky = 100-120 metres per 100g / 109-131 yard per 3.5 oz. (7WPI)
6 super bulky, super chunky = less than 100 metres per 100g / less than 109 yard per 3.5 oz. (6WPI OR LESS)
7 roving = less than 60 metres per 100g / less than 65 yard per 3.5 oz. (5WPI OR LESS)

I need this info because I am reskeining much of my handspun and want to label it for better selling but have only the weight and no yardage and buyers seem *much* more comfortable knowing how many yards are available. As the reader can see, there is still a modest amount of math that will need to be done but at least I  now have a starting point.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is one of two major projects I'm working on.  It's another poncho for Eldest Kidlet but this one is knitted of handspun that is only slightly thicker than a sewing thread. I started with a garter stitch lace neckband and then did short-row "fans" going all the way around. the width was too narrow after the first row of fans so I am adding another row of larger ones. I'm about a third of the way done with the second round and will be happy when I  finish as it's already been almost two months since I began (although I shouldn't count a couple of weeks at the beginning since I kept starting and then changing my mind about how I wanted to make it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Of a sort at least. One of my goals for this year was to make *my* "Knit'n Kitten" the top return on Google. Being the first search returned with the full "Knit'n Kitten Fiberarts Studio" wasn't difficult but there are a couple other people with close variations of Knit'n Kitten (which is hardly surprising since it's a cute name). That goal has now been reached. In fact, the first three returns are; my Twitter account, More Images, and my Facebook page. Not only that, but nearly the entire first page of "More images: Knit'n Kitten" are either items that I've made or things that I've "pinned" on Pinterest. All in all, I'm pretty happy with that and hopeful that just regular posting of my items will keep the name on top.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And this is another project I finished recently. It was an order by the salon owner who has offered me display space so I hope she really enjoys it.

The fiber was the same as that used in the last photo but had been intended as weft so was spun as a thicker single instead of the 2-ply I had spun the rest into when I had planned on it being warp for a same-color, two-texture woven scarf.

Because I knew the client wanted an infinity scarf I had to change the way I do the garter-and-eyelet border since the standard way  to make the border when working bias knit would have made for an eyelet, garter, eyelet section at the join instead of the smooth stockinette center desired.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This is one of the projects I've finished in the last couple of months. It is a crocheted six-pointed poncho for the Eldest Kidlet to wear over tank tops at school. I started with the neckband which I worked without a beginning chain. Instead, I used the side-by-side triple crochet technique that creates a very flexible band. There is no pattern for this poncho as I was simply working from the rule that increases advance and decreases recede.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd posted here. In my defense we were gone pretty much all of July, including nearly two weeks out of country.  

In the intervening time I've participated in two shows, One of which had *no* sales and the other I at least made my expenses at. Have paid the fee to be in a Holiday Show in November and need to contact the organizer if a late October show and let her know I can participate in that.

At the show where I made my expenses I was invited to display some of my items *for free* in a local beauty salon and bought a photo transferred to canvas for Dad's Christmas present. The offer of free display space is generous and could be very helpful. The sister of the photographer I purchased from is a local business woman and gave me some info about a local organization for business women that I need to look into further. Although I didn't earn nearly as much cash as I would have liked I'm very hopeful that the contacts made that day will be of great benefit in the future.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Or rather the lack there of, means I am creating a Pinterest account and board to increase awareness of the shop. I've avoided Pinterest assiduously because it sounds like a *huge* time user due to being filled with so much wonderful information. Hopefully this will work in my favor now and not simply end up with me reading online even more hours than I do now.

Since I've gotten to the point that photo-less posts seem boring. here's a picture of the drum carder that Eldest Kidlet uses to blend different colors of fiber for me to spin.